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St Nicholas C of E Primary School

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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Citizenship Education

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Citizenship Education

At St Nicholas the personal, social and moral education of the pupils is highly valued; we support the children to understand and value their role in modern Britain as future independent citizens. The diversity of culture and religion is celebrated and respected; as a Church of England school we are fully inclusive. In our curriculum and activities we include:

A belief in freedom- everyone’s opinions are valued and sought. Open debate is a regular occurrence in the classroom, freedom of speech is essential, children are taught to consider other ideas and beliefs with respect. Questioning is promoted as a means to develop socially and philosophically.

Mutual respect and tolerance of others St Nicholas has a strong positive behaviour system and takes any intolerance seriously. The belief that education promotes understanding is upheld and children are taught to appreciate differences. There is a strong focus on charity engagement with Comic Relief, Children in need and Save the Children which highlight cultural and social inequality. Cultural and religious festivals are celebrated.

Democracy - pupils are elected to roles of importance; House Captains (Yr. 6), House Leaders (Yr.2) School Councillors and Sports Leaders. The School Council meets regularly to discuss the views of their peers. Governors regularly review learning and talk to children to capture their views, children are generally very forthcoming and respond openly to staff.

Respecting and Upholding the rule of law The importance of the Law is reinforced in assemblies and PSHE lessons, as well as being mirrored in all our behaviour management interactions throughout the school day. All classes start the year with lessons about the rule of law and identify their own class rules. School rules are simple and shared regularly, all children know what is expected, and they are well behaved, polite and respectful. They work hard to develop and maintain good relationship and participate effectively to restore them when occasionally things go awry.

Individual Libertypupils are encouraged to think for themselves, make their own choices and decisions in the knowledge that school is a safe, non-judgemental place in which to do so. The Taking Care project further promotes individual rights. Children are also given opportunities in their academic work to choice ways to record and level of challenge to suit themselves.

Life Caravan - We sponsor the Life Caravan to visit school each year to run focused sessions on drugs, alcohol and relationship education.

SRE the sex education programme is run by the class teachers using the BBC materials in Years 5&6. Relationships are taught from Reception to Year 6 continuously through pastoral care, assemblies and PSHE sessions.

SpiritualitySpirituality is promoted through the curriculum and through the sense of wonder which is inherent in children. Staff capitalise on this and use opportunities from the world around us to explore with ‘awe’.


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