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St Nicholas C of E Primary School

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Our Christian Distinctiveness

St Nicholas has a close link with its’ local parish church of St. Nicholas and St. Barnabas. We also liaise closely with the local Methodist church, Youth for Christ and on a wider scale, with the church school family of the Diocese of Coventry.

The role of the church in our school is primarily of support and guidance in ensuring our children have the opportunities an inclusive Church school can offer. The educational vision of the Church of England - "a good education is to promote life, in all its fullness", built around a framework of four elements of :

  • Dignity
  • Hope
  • Wisdom
  • Community


This vision is "hospitable to diversity, freedom of religion and belief", and encourages everyone to contribute (from the depths of their own traditions and understandings."

Within school we aim to engender in children an understanding of faith and spirituality and what these can bring to our lives, should we engage freely. We underpin all aspects of school  with the Christian values of love, forgiveness and reconciliation, respect, peace, justice, hope and thankfulness. We encompass those of trust and service united as a community working together in cooperation for mutual support and growth.

We believe that within St. Nicholas we are a family where children can question, explore, experience and expand their knowledge and understanding of the complex world we live in. It is an environment where many faiths and world views are explored and celebrated in an ethos of dignity and respect.


















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